Lil Snvrk vs. The Industry: Building an Empire on His Own Terms

Lil Snvrk is more than just a catchy name and viral tracks, the rapper isn’t afraid to be different. In this exclusive interview, we peel back the layers to reveal the artist himself. Lil Snvrk opens up about past experiences with labels and artists, including Playboi Carti, detailing the struggles that led him to forge his own path. 

Q: How do you handle criticism and feedback, especially when it comes from within the industry or your own fanbase?

A: Honestly, I use criticism to make better music. I believe success is the best form of revenge. So, why not use hate as motivation to do better?

Q: Despite challenges in the music industry, you’ve created your own unique style. How do you stay true to yourself when there’s so much pressure to fit in?

A: I don’t worry about my image as much as the analytical data. If my popularity stays consistent, that’s all that matters. I will never change my style for anyone.

Q: In “Back To My Roots,” you open up about your struggles with Opium Records and Interscope/UMG. Can you share more about what those experiences taught you about the music industry?

A: Playboi Carti is a very mysterious person from the outside. When I worked with him, he was extremely selfish and didn’t care about anything you would ask him. Not much would get done, and I can see why his album still hasn’t dropped. The only thing I learned is that it’s better not to be signed in some cases. Him dropping me from Opium was a blessing in disguise.

Q: ‘Carti saw I put the work in, and then he lowered my exposure’—this line from your song is quite powerful. Can you dive deeper into what was going through your mind when writing these lyrics?

A: No matter how much I tried to prove to Carti that I should be in the Opium roster, he didn’t care at all. In fact, he wanted to destroy me before I even could get noticed on a worldwide scale. I was just reflecting back on that short time we were in contact. It was very disappointing to me.

Q: As a designer, how do you intertwine your fashion sense with your musical expression? Do you think your style influences your music, or is it the other way around?

A: My music influences my style. If my music is distorted, my sunglasses probably will be too.

Q: With your new sublabel Snarkotics, what are your ambitions for it? Are there specific types of artists or sounds you’re looking to promote?

A: Snarkotics is my very own Opium. It is a direct fork of the Opium vision, just with a more confident and professional leader behind it. I want the label to one day surpass Opium while staying somewhat unique aesthetic wise.

Q: Having faced significant industry challenges early in your career, what advice would you give to other young artists who might feel discouraged by similar obstacles?

A: Use hate as motivation to go harder. If something doesn’t work, keep trying other methods until you get the results you desire. Energy doesn’t just come from nowhere, you have to be actively trying to go viral or you never will.

Q: After such a powerful single like ‘Back To My Roots’, what’s next for Lil Snvrk? Any upcoming collaborations or projects you can tease?

A: I am planning on dropping songs with multiple mainstream artists in the next few months. My only focus is to spread my name everywhere so I can’t be ignored.