Drake Joins Snowd4y for a Wild Spin on “Hey There Delilah” with “Wah Gwan Delilah” Remix

Snowd4y has teamed up with Drake to put a surprising twist on the Plain White T’s classic, “Hey There Delilah.” Their new track, “Wah Gwan Delilah,” clocks in just shy of four minutes and showcases the duo’s Toronto roots with a heavy dose of local slang and landmarks.

With autotune cranked up, the pair croons over an acoustic backdrop reminiscent of the original tune, adding a unique flavor with shoutouts to Dundas Square, Mississauga, and even the PRESTO card. While skeptics initially dismissed the track as a product of AI wizardry, Drake cleared the air by confirming his involvement personally, even promoting the song on his Instagram with a shoutout to Snowd4y: “wake up the city.”