Adidas Slashes Prices on Yeezys by 50%

The gradual and somewhat clumsy sell-off of Adidas’ remaining Yeezy inventory continues this week, featuring significant price cuts on various Yeezy styles. As part of this ongoing effort, the sale section of Adidas website now offers models such as the 350 V2 Cmpct and the Yeezy 450 at a 50 percent discount. This development is part of a broader strategy by Adidas to clear out its remaining Yeezy stock following the termination of its partnership with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

This isn’t the first time Yeezys have been sold at a steep discount. Just this past weekend, a resident of Dubai reported seeing Ye’s sneakers available at an Adidas outlet for half off. This move highlights the continued efforts by Adidas to manage and eventually eliminate its Yeezy inventory.

The breakup between Adidas and Ye occurred in October 2022, following a series of antisemitic remarks made by the artist, coupled with his public antagonism towards the company. The fallout from this split has left Adidas with a substantial amount of Yeezy inventory to offload. Since the split, Adidas has been selling off its remaining Yeezy stock in stages, often without prior announcement, in an attempt to mitigate financial losses and clear out its warehouses.

Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden addressed the situation earlier this year, stating that the company would sell the remaining Yeezy sneakers at cost, meaning they do not intend to make a profit from these sales. This approach is aimed at moving the leftover inventory as quickly and efficiently as possible, without further tarnishing the brand’s reputation or causing additional financial strain.

The decision to mark down Yeezys by 50 percent appears to be a significant part of this strategy. By offering substantial discounts, Adidas hopes to attract buyers and expedite the clearance of these high-profile sneakers. The reduced prices have been welcomed by many consumers, creating an opportunity for fans of the brand to purchase Yeezys at a fraction of their original cost.

Despite these efforts, the process has been slow and somewhat awkward. The abrupt end to the partnership with Ye, who was once a major figurehead for the brand, left Adidas in a challenging position. The company has had to navigate the delicate balance of distancing itself from Ye’s controversial statements while also finding a way to responsibly and effectively manage the remaining inventory.

Adidas has employed various tactics to sell off the Yeezy stock, including placing them in outlet stores and offering online discounts. This multifaceted approach aims to reach a wide audience and ensure that the remaining sneakers find buyers. However, the sporadic nature of these sales, often without advance notice, has made it difficult to predict when and where the next batch of discounted Yeezys will appear.

As the company continues to sell off its Yeezy inventory, it remains to be seen how long this process will take and what the final financial implications will be for Adidas. The sale of these sneakers at cost is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to resolving the issue, even if it means sacrificing potential profits.

Meanwhile, consumers can take advantage of the significant discounts available on Adidas’ website and at various outlet stores. The ongoing sale provides an opportunity for sneaker enthusiasts to purchase iconic Yeezy styles at a reduced price, while Adidas works to close this chapter and move forward with its brand.

For those interested in purchasing Yeezys at a discounted rate, it is worth regularly checking the sale section of Adidas’ website and visiting outlet stores to catch these limited-time offers. As Adidas continues to offload its remaining Yeezy stock, further discounts and sales are likely to appear, providing more chances for fans to get their hands on these sought-after sneakers.