Rihanna Chooses Actress with ‘Perfect Forehead’ to Portray Her in Biopic

While a Rihanna biopic may still be a distant dream, plans are already in motion. At her Fenty Hair launch event on June 10, Rihanna shared her pick for the actress she’d love to see play her on the big screen: Taylor Russell. When E! News asked her about the casting, Rihanna’s answer was refreshingly straightforward. “You know why? Because she’s got, like, a nice forehead,” she said, before adding, “She’s, like, fly. And I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me. I want people to see me in that light.”

Taylor Russell, known for her roles in A24’s “Waves” and “Bones and All,” has yet to respond to Rihanna’s surprising pick. The mention has certainly got fans buzzing, eager to see how Russell could embody the spirit of Rihanna on screen.

Rihanna also took a moment to address the buzz around her “I’m Retired” shirt, which led many to speculate about the end of her music career. Laughing off the rumors, she clarified in an interview with Extra, “That was just me looking into the future. I’m not retired. I just like that dress. I got it as a gift and I loved it.” She added with a grin, “They didn’t read the second line, I’m not retired, I’m just retired from dressing up — it’s a lot of effort.”

Amidst the talk of her future on-screen and on-stage, Rihanna also dropped some exciting news about her next musical project. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she confirmed that she’s starting fresh with her music. “Yeah, I’m starting over,” she said. “But I don’t want to neglect the songs that I have, so I actually want to go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I’m still in love with.”

This new approach shows Rihanna’s dedication to creating an album that reflects her current vibe and growth. Her plan to revisit and possibly revamp some of her older material highlights her commitment to making music that resonates with her evolving artistry and her audience.

As fans eagerly await updates on both the biopic and her upcoming album, Rihanna continues to make headlines in the beauty and fashion worlds. Her Fenty Hair launch event was a showcase of her entrepreneurial spirit, drawing significant attention and excitement.

Ultimately, Rihanna’s candid insights at the Fenty Hair launch have provided plenty of food for thought. From the intriguing prospect of a biopic starring Taylor Russell to the promising developments on her next album, Rihanna’s journey continues to captivate and inspire. Her dynamic presence and engaging interactions with her fans and the media ensure that whatever she does next will be met with great anticipation and enthusiasm.