Throwback Dream Pop: Delia Meshlir – The Better Half

The better half: That's what people like to say when they talk about the second partner in a love relationship. The expression is a thorn in the side of musician Dayla Mischler. It implies a dependency that is a consequence of patriarchal structures, according to the statement on the new song of her musical solo project Delia Meshlir. "There is no better half, only complete people who are in a relationship," continues the guitarist and singer from Lausanne.

So the song, the second single from the forthcoming album, is titled «The Better Half». In front of babbling, driving guitars that thicken like thunder, Dayla Mischler sings about the fight to be seen. The video for the single reflects this inner storm. Mischler walks through the gloomy valley and lolls under a veil that hangs somewhere between tender devotion and infatuation.

How does this end? Difficult to say, but the way the rock-heavy folk track unloads almost psychedelic towards the end gives hope for an exciting sequel.

She recently dropped a new project titled ‘Calling the Unknown’. Check it out on Spotify.: