Avatar: The Way Of Water Trailer Takes Us Back To Pandora

When James Cameron’s bioluminescent vision produced an entirely new cinematic universe that audiences couldn’t get enough of in 2009, it blew people’s minds. And now, more than a decade later, he’s ready to return to Pandora for the first of four planned sequels, Avatar: The Way Of Water. The trailer has been playing exclusively in theaters in front of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness for the previous few days, but it’s now been posted online for us to indulge in the blue light of the alien planet, it’s gangly Na’vi, and those crystal-clear waters. 

Watch it here:

For all the enormous scale of Cameron’s canvas and his multi-movie plan for what comes next, this teaser just serves as a reintroduction to the breathtaking universe depicted in the first film. This is all about mood, and it gives enough of it despite the lack of conversation and narrative. It also sends us diving headfirst into Pandora’s oceans for the first time, with aquatic action, unusual animals, and the promise of fights set against the great blue.