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UglyFace’s “Promo” Speaks on Some of the Rules of The Game

On “Promo,” the collective known as UglyFace discusses a variety of themes in a rapid-fire flow. They mostly talk about some of the things that have happened to them as artists—and as an audience—over the previous several months and years. Their sound is a cross between a thundering anthem and a mid-2010s West Coast alt-rap. 

Imagine Lupe rapping over a blend of production that sounds like Drake’s “Headlines” meets Cole’s soulful production, with a dash of The Cool Kids thrown in for good measure. It’s an eclectic yet potent combination.  It gets its point across without seeming over-the-top or holier than thou. Instead, we get a track that also speaks on the dangers of fame

UglyFace is also known for “Woke Up” which has over 519k streams on Spotify. 

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