Check Out FlexpackFACE’s New Single “Slow It Down”

FlexpackFACE made his return with his track “Slow it Down.” The artist just has the skill, and it shows here; that raw talent is difficult to get by these days. The musician offers a really challenging single here in which he floats over the instrumental like a bumble fly, but the bars sting like a bee!

FlexpackFace can be considered one of the great geniuses of his musical style’s new generation. Much of this must be attributed to two important factors, the first of which is his precise knowledge of the facts around him and how he manages to transform his experiences into clever and well-composed rhymes. The second is the wonderful variance in his arrangements, with sometimes beats based on traditional and ‘old school’ ingredients, and sometimes more current and contemporary ones, making it evident that the artist just follows his flow, as he instructs to be heart when it is time to write.

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