Celine Love Shares New Single “Temporary Tattoo”

London-based singer and songwriter Celine Love has just shared her brand new single Temporary Tattoo. This poignant ballad is about allowing negative thought patterns to dissolve so that you can open yourself up to new experiences and vulnerabilities. The song’s aura is soft and tender, with a slow tempo and simple but powerful lyrics about rejection, loss, and moving on from the past. Love‘s voice is the star of this song as it softly commands your full attention in its cloud-floating soprano. To put it briefly, this is a really reassuring and deeply resonating number for anyone that looking to drop their guard after a heartbreak.

For many people, the search for love is an ongoing journey that represents their quest for self-growth. It’s a way of looking within themselves and trying to understand what they need in order to form lasting relationships. This journey can be difficult and often times it feels like we’re putting ourselves through a lot of pain and sadness, but it’s worth it in the end. When we finally find love, it’s like we’ve come home to ourselves.

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