Elle Baez Shares Her Brand New Single “Pretty Insecurities”

While much of the last 20 years has been placed on a pedestal in pop culture, we sometimes forget how bad it was for diversity. Many artists now are challenging long-held so-called beauty standards by ditching cosmetics or bringing body acceptance to the forefront. Grammy winners like Alessia Cara and Lizzo, as well as emerging artists like Elle Baez with her new hit “Pretty Insecurities,” are among the performers.

Since her debut in 2018, Elle Baez’s albums have exhibited a variety of genres, from screaming out ballads to stirring up crowds. She combines an organic combination of silky R&B with the beauty of modern pop in “Pretty Insecurities.” What makes this song stand out is that it addresses a growing concern as we get more and more addicted to being online, and that is the influence social media has on how we see our own value. The combination of Elle Baez’s clear yet lyrical writing and the joyful music is flawless, and the video for “Pretty Insecurities” makes a message without being overbearing.

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