SUNNY. Drops A Fresh Electro-Pop Track “Reason”

The new song “Reason” by Australian pop duo SUNNY. is about a relationship ending and one partner looking for closure. The second single from SUNNY. has ’80s pop influences that are emphasized by synthesized bass rhythms. Lennon Stella, The Band Camino, and LANY were among the musicians who influenced “Reason.” 

According to the duo, the song was designed “to have evocative and conversational lyrics about bittersweet unrequited love.” SUNNY. produced an incredibly jovial song about fresh love by combining summery sounds with tender vocals. The electric guitar notes at the conclusion of the song, which spice up the melody, are among the many enjoyable sounds that make up this song. 

The song is upbeat and effervescent, and it exudes a positive atmosphere. Regarding the vocals, Melodie has a voice that is really relaxing and perfectly complements the synth’s tempo. The vocals go beautifully with the endearing lyrics, which talk about being so in love with someone that you hope they feel the same way about you.
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