Eddie Moore Is “In the Flow”

Eddie Moore has released a dynamic track titled “In The Flow.” On days when we’re looking for a little tranquility through music, it would be excellent to listen to a song with a more contemplative concept, a gentle pace, cadenced chords, and soothing voices. This amazing production, which is full of intricacies, works well in any setting.

Every note Eddie plays reaches deep into his soul, carrying a tension just beyond the surface. His desire for discovery and his interest in music helped to create a fluid flexibility of expression. 

Moore’s songs have a refined, heartfelt elegance about them, and their musicianship matches that. From performing on stage alongside Tia Fuller, Johnny Good, Erykah Badu, Roy Hargrove, and Chantae Cann to his fusion bands Eddie Moore & the Outer Circle and We the People. 

Eddie Moore can be found on Spotify | Instagram