Cardi B Says She Writes Her Verses

Cardi B has once again shut down anyone who questions her ability to write her own lyrics, and this time she did it with a fiery response to a Twitter user. The exchange took place after the release of her collaboration with FendiDa Rappa titled “Point Me 2.”

A Twitter user initially praised Cardi B‘s skills by stating, “I don’t care who writes it. Cardi B is hard AF!” However, Cardi B swiftly intervened to make it clear that she indeed writes her own music. She shot back, saying, “I WRITE IT…. Come to a studio session!”

Despite Cardi B‘s invitation, the original poster continued to give credit where it was due, acknowledging Cardi B’s conviction in her delivery. “She raps with conviction. Every time!” they added.

Another user chimed in with high expectations for Cardi B’s future, predicting that when she releases another classic album in 2023, she will solidify her position as one of the top five female rappers. The user also praised her consistent quality in featured collaborations.

Throughout her career, Cardi B has consistently defended herself against claims that she relies on ghostwriters or does not write her own songs. In 2019, she addressed this issue, emphasizing her involvement in the songwriting process. “I do write a lot of my sh*t; that’s the thing,” she asserted in an interview with Billboard. She acknowledged the assistance she receives from a few writers for hooks but made it clear that she has written many songs on her albums, including her mixtape.

Cardi B’s talent as a songwriter was recognized when she was awarded the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year in 2019, further validating her abilities and dedication to her craft.