Conor McGregor Faces Off Against Jake Gyllenhaal “Road House” Movie Trailer

UFC icon Conor McGregor is set to make his major movie debut, squaring off against Jake Gyllenhaal in the much-anticipated remake of the 1989 action classic, “Road House.”

The first trailer for the upcoming film shows McGregor in a prominent role, exchanging blows with Gyllenhaal’s character, “Dalton,” the film’s central figure. The clash promises a riveting on-screen showdown, pitting two formidable talents from different realms against each other.

“Road House,” originally starring Patrick Swayze, has been reimagined with Academy Award-nominee Gyllenhaal in the lead as a former UFC fighter who finds himself on the ropes, forced to take up the role of a bouncer in the Florida Keys. Gyllenhaal’s character faces a double threat – a nefarious real estate tycoon and a menacing force portrayed by McGregor, as the establishment he guards comes under jeopardy of being replaced by a resort.

The UFC has thrown its weight behind the film, allowing director Doug Liman to capture scenes during UFC 285. McGregor, ever the showman, has been actively promoting his foray into the world of acting on various social media platforms.

Fans can catch the much-anticipated premiere of “Road House” on March 21, exclusively on Amazon Prime.