Metro Boomin Hints at More Upcoming Music with The Weeknd: ‘We Cooking Up’

Metro Boomin, who has already released two albums with Future and hinted at a mysterious third project, is showing no signs of slowing down.

While in Egypt for a concert at the Great Pyramids of Giza in April, Spotify caught up with Metro, where he shared his plans for the year. These include more collaborations with The Weeknd, who is currently working on his Dawn FM follow-up. Reflecting on their past work together, Metro said, “The songs we did with The Weeknd, frequent collaborator of mine, ‘Low Life’ I feel like that was the beginning of our journey to now.” He was referring to their initial collaboration with Future on the 2016 EVOL album track “Low Life,” which peaked at No. 16 on the Hot 100. “Which was with Future, so I feel like it was just a full-circle moment.”

He added, “For him to appear between the two albums like four times. That’s big. You know, that’s family. Me and him working on a lot of stuff. You know, we cooking up for his new album. I know a lot of people are gonna be real pleased and even more happy.”

Just trying to spin that whole hip-hop is dying narrative, at the same time trying to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop. I felt they were trying to wash our genre and culture away. I’m still in the game and I take it personal. Those kind of things disturbed me, at the same time, it was the kind of fuel I needed.”

Metro Boomin traveled to the Middle East to perform a two-hour set at the Kundalini Grand Pyramids, marking one of the most unique concerts of his career, which took place in Egypt on April 30.

“I’ve always wanted to see this with my own eyes, but I could never even fathom doing a show and performing in front of something as crazy and legendary and history as this,” Metro said. “I’m grateful for everyone, for the whole country.”