Nike Introduces Eco-friendly Sneakers ‘ISPA Link’

Nike fans are well aware that the brand can create a desirable sneaker. What elevates that achievement is building one that is made to swagger and perform — only to be disassembled and repurposed.

That was the Nike ISPA team’s mission. Nike’s ISPA (Improvise; Scavenge; Protect; Adapt) design philosophy encourages designers to experiment, break molds, and reinvent goods. In this case, it contributes to Nike’s recycling vision that produces no waste, in order to protect the earth and the future of sport.

It consists of two trainers, the ISPA Link and the ISPA Link Axis, both of which are modular designs made without glue. During the cementation process, glue is typically utilized to bind the shoe’s pieces together.

The ISPA Link trainers, on the other hand, are made up of three interlocking components that are linked together by tension. Each shoe features a sole composed of pegs that fit into openings in the upper (the part that covers the foot).