Digging for Kanky Drops “Still Digging”

English trip-hop duo Digging for Kanky, also known as Ben and Smithy, have released a new hit titled “Still Digging.” Digging for Kanky, using their unrivaled rapping prowess, packs a punch, stating all that was before unsaid. Massive rhythms intensify the intrusive tone, and an unpleasant melody draws the listener’s attention, allowing them to feel all of the intended feelings fully.

The two developed the concept for Digging for Kanky based on an urban myth about local grave robber “Old Kanky.” These childhood friends have always had music in their lives, but came together in 2019 releasing their own dark, gritty contributions to the genre with their debut single, “Dead in the Water,” leading toward their debut EP, Alice, released early the following year.

The single is accompanied by a black and white music video that compliments the single more. The music video already has amassed thousands of views on Youtube alone. Check it out below!

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