Quavo Opens Up About Coping with the Loss of Takeoff in Emotional Interview

In a heartwrenching new interview, Quavo from the Migos group has shared his reflections on the tragic passing of his fellow rapper, Takeoff. The devastating incident occurred during a shooting at a private party held at a Houston bowling alley in November of last year, leaving Takeoff gone at the young age of 28.

In a conversation with Jamie Crawford-Walker on YouTube, Quavo delved into the depth of his emotions as he discussed grief and the forthcoming posthumous album of his late brother, titled “Rocket Power.”

When asked about the significance of “rocket power” by Crawford-Walker, Quavo responded with immense sentiment, saying, “It means everything to me.” He elaborated on the concept, explaining that it symbolizes being fueled by the memory of his beloved Takeoff. The emotions he experienced since the loss—pain, hardship, tears, and the void of performing without his dear friend—all contribute to this powerful fuel that propels him forward.

In his efforts to honor Takeoff‘s memory, Quavo revealed that he has already utilized a few unreleased verses from the departed rapper but intends to preserve the majority of his music for the posthumous album. Astoundingly, there are reportedly around 1,000 unreleased verses that will soon see the light of day.

Throughout the interview, Quavo shared candidly about his grief and how he has been coping with the immense loss. He disclosed that he frequently visits Takeoff’s home, taking care of his possessions, and ensuring that his memory lives on. From maintaining his cars to cleaning his jewelry, Quavo is determined to cherish every aspect of his friend’s legacy.

As he reflected on his bond with Takeoff, Quavo’s emotions were palpable. “I miss him a lot, and I love him,” he expressed. “He knows I love him. That’s something we’ve always known. So, even when you see me smiling, don’t ever think I forgot about him or will forget about him. I think about him all the time. Sometimes, I find myself crying myself to sleep, but I just know he’s still here. Even if I can’t feel his presence, I know he’s watching over me.”