Tupac Estate Threatens Legal Action Against Drake Over AI-Generated Vocals

Drake finds himself in hot water as Tupac Shakur‘s estate issues a stern warning of legal action regarding the unauthorized use of AI-generated vocals of the late rapper in Drake’s latest Kendrick Lamar diss track, “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

According to a recent report by Billboard, attorneys representing Tupac’s estate have given Drake a 24-hour ultimatum to remove the track from social media platforms before pursuing formal legal proceedings against the Canadian artist. In a statement delivered via letter, the estate expressed deep dismay and disappointment over Drake’s use of Tupac’s voice and persona without permission, emphasizing the unauthorized nature of the appropriation.

Furthermore, the estate takes issue with Drake leveraging Tupac’s vocals as a means to target Kendrick Lamar, citing Lamar’s public and private respect for Tupac’s legacy. The estate deems Drake’s actions as doubly insulting, given Lamar’s relationship with the late rapper.

“Taylor Made Freestyle” surfaced as Drake’s initial response to Kendrick Lamar’s recent diss verse on “Like That.” The track features AI-generated Tupac vocals, with contentious lines aimed at Lamar, including, “If you deal with this viciously / You seem a little nervous about all the publicity / Fuck this Canadian lightskin.”

Drake’s utilization of AI-generated vocals raises eyebrows, particularly in light of recent controversy surrounding the release of a song titled “heart on my sleeve” by an artist known as ghostwriter, which incorporated AI vocals from Drake and The Weeknd.